BINPAK Offers Waste Compactors for North American Market

BINPAK offers waste compactors for sale or rent that provide your business with an improved option for handling waste and recycling. When waste compaction is used, the volume reduction benefits local waste transfer stations and landfills environmentally while reducing the number of trips required to pick up commercial waste at your business.

  • Higher Capacity for Weekly Volumes of Waste
  • A Container that Respects Space Constraints
  • Cleaner Waste Areas
  • Low Loading Height

Installation and Safety

We often get asked about installation and safety – two important questions when you are looking for compaction equipment. BINPAK has the simplest install of any waste compactor on the market today; if a source of power can be run to the waste area, a BINPAK will work. It’s as easy as dropping off your BINPAK, plugging it in, and your team are ready to use their new BINPAK trash compactor. And if a better solution is needed for handling cardboard or container recycling, BINPAK Compactors are great as a cardboard compactor, or for recycling compaction. Safety is important; we designed BINPAK Compactors with two robust safety systems which, when combined with the low loading height for staff, make them one of the safest compactors available today.

We care about your workplace

If you have large volumes of waste and limited space to dedicate to waste equipment, consider a BINPAK Compactor. Large volumes can be defined as any front-load truck container picked up multiple times per week. BINPAK Compactors offer additional benefits including a very low loading height for staff, which is safer for your team members when loading heavy trash bags, and cleaner waste areas (no pests, critters, mess or smell). Customers of BINPAK include restaurants, hotels, retail and convenience, healthcare, recreation and many other waste generators looking for a better waste equipment option for their business.


It’s important to understand how your specific requirements match to available equipment options. For example, a stationary compactor is generally a roll-off; this equipment is larger in size, takes up more space, and the unit, or part of it, is taken away from your property to empty. Another style of compactor is the self-contained compactor; many compactors in this category are not truly self-contained and, for example, will have a separate power unit and hydraulic system requiring extra floor space and hose and cable connections. You don’t need to spend extra money on custom built compactors when a BINPAK will meet your needs.


BINPAK compactors are available for sale via factory direct or through our distribution channel in Canada and the United States. Maintenance and repairs are offered nationwide and a BINPAK Compactor can be emptied (hauler service) by any front-load truck provider.

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