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BINPAK Compactors is a compactor manufacturer offering premium quality waste equipment for industrial/commercial/institutional and residential users. BINPAK Compactors was established in 2010 when a customer challenged us to design a better trash compactor to handle locations with a high volume of waste and little space. And if it could also be used for recycling applications, great! The pace of development in waste and recycling equipment had slowed with little new being offered by 2010 and self-contained compactors were not truly self-contained. Manufacturers were focused on stationary compactors, other large-model compactors and waste handling systems which didn’t work for the high volume/small footprint requirements of many users.

BINPAK Compactors introduced their first compactors in 2011 in Canada and today, BINPAK Compactors are installed across Canada and the U.S. BINPAK Compactors offer higher waste compaction ratios than other available compaction equipment and are the only truly self-contained unit with all elements of the system contained inside the compactor. Equipment buyers value the ease of placement with a source of power being the only installation requirement. BINPAKS are used as high-efficiency trash compactors and frequently replace cardboard balers as a safer alternative for handling cardboard.

Waste handling is simpler and safer with BINPAK Compactors; a low loading height for users is safer, pests, animals and odors are eliminated, waste materials are contained and not spread around the property. Other benefits include the elimination of unauthorized access which, for many businesses, is a significant waste materials challenge.

The BINPAK SMT was added in 2020 to our line of waste compactors. Taking advantage of IOT technology, a BINPAK SMT tracks fullness by location, user patterns of use, lift cycles, and offers remote diagnostics and key preventative maintenance statistics to ensure efficient, continuous use of your compaction equipment.

BINPAK compactors are available for sale via factory direct or through our distribution channel in Canada and the United States. Maintenance and repairs are offered nationwide and a BINPAK Compactor can be emptied (hauler service) by any front-load truck provider.

BINPAK Compactors is focused on our goal of being the best trash compactor manufacturer in North America. We are an equipment company that understands our customer’s needs, understands the waste industry, and offers exceptional customer service.


The BINPAK Compactor is available in configurations to suit most common waste areas serviced by front-load trucks. BINPAK provides our industrial trash compactors for sale via factory direct or through our distribution channel in Canada and the United States.

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