Brantford Economic Development Advisory Committee Recognizes MWP!

Business is doing well for Brantford and so, on Friday, Brantford offered thanks to business.

At the weekly Rotary Club meeting at the Brantford Golf and Country Club, the program was turned over to the Economic Development Advisory Committee so it could recognize new Brantford companies, a couple of long-standing businesses and one ambassador of the city.

“We do a lot of work to ensure Brantford is an attractive place for businesses to invest and a wonderful city for employees to enjoy,” said John Utley, who is on the committee.

The luncheon also recognized 11 new industries in the area – one of which was us!!

Modern Waste Products is the maker of the BinPak Compactor, a self-contained compactor for waste, recycling or cardboard to reduce pick up frequency and collection truck interruptions. It employs seven people.
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BCC 031116 Award (CROP)

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