Access to Garbage is a Real Problem!

We tend to think of the critical issues in commercial garbage as (1) cost of servicing, (2) cleanliness, and (3) pests and critters. But there are huge challenges associated with unauthorized access to waste, and these challenges are often faced daily by commercial businesses. So why is access to garbage such a problem? It seems […]

Simply beautiful!

Simply beautiful! When you have a space as gorgeous as this one is, and are committed to care and cleanliness, let BINPAK Compactors help you keep it that way.

Before & After

What a difference the BINPAK makes! This McDonald’s in Ontario is enjoying the lower loading height and all the extra space in their enclosure.

This McDonald’s location wanted a front-load compactor with a smaller footprint and that is exactly what they got! Plus, all the other awesome features and benefits of the BINPAK!

Feels Like Home

When your retirement home ‘feels like home’ to residents, staff & guests – you know you have done your job. BINPAK is proud to be a part of that. With BINPAK, we were not only able to reduce our pickups and reduce our costs, but the low load height was much safer for staff and […]

Is your waste area unique?

We love this installation! Is your waste area unique? Do you need a stand or a gangway with your BINPAK? We can do it!

What a Transformation!

Steamer Seafood

“I’ve used a BINPAK Compactor for five years at my KY location and it’s spoiled me for anything else … my new SC location has installed a BINPAK too!” Dale Augenstein Steamer Seafood  

BINPAK & Bagels – Now in Etobicoke

  Ottawa Catering | Catering Ottawa | Montreal Style Bagel (


Super sleek and sophisticated! This BINPAK looks great at this Scarborough location!

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