Access to Garbage is a Real Problem!

We tend to think of the critical issues in commercial garbage as (1) cost of servicing, (2) cleanliness, and (3) pests and critters. But there are huge challenges associated with unauthorized access to waste, and these challenges are often faced daily by commercial businesses. So why is access to garbage such a problem? It seems […]

Feels Like Home

When your retirement home ‘feels like home’ to residents, staff & guests – you know you have done your job. BINPAK is proud to be a part of that. With BINPAK, we were not only able to reduce our pickups and reduce our costs, but the low load height was much safer for staff and […]

The ‘Bear Resistant’ BINPAK Compactor

The BINPAK Compactor vs. Hamilton & Petunia, the Black Bears at the British Columbia Wildlife Park … did they get in??? When you are considering purchasing a bear resistant bin it is sometimes hard to figure out which bin is actually going to do the job. WildSafeBC, in association with the North American Testing of […]

That’s ‘Beary’ Interesting!

IT’S OFFICIAL …. Drum roll please!!! The BINPAK Compactor is certified as Grizzly Bear Resistant! Many thanks to Dawson & Knute of the British Columbia Wildlife Park for their participation!  

Which would you prefer?

Which would you prefer? Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are a common and costly problem for people and companies across Canada, making up 41% of Ontario’s provincial hazards. Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSDs are injuries and disorders that affect the human body’s movement or musculoskeletal system (i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves). The three primary ergonomic risk factors […]

Every BINPAK Tells a Story …

The Tim Hortons Whitby location has had the BINPAK compactor for a number of years now, since 2011.  This compactor is operated by a multi-unit food court setting with five different tenants and many different users.  It is kept outside in an enclosure without a roof, and is exposed to all elements. We have never […]

We love our creative customers!

We love our creative customers! This independent grocer in BC has a unique BINPAK Compactor installation.  The BINPAK is loaded from inside the warehouse and using a pallet-jack, the BINPAK is moved to the loading door where the front-load truck simply picks it up. Pretty cool!!   For information how your location can benefit from […]

A Great Canadian Waste Adventure!

BINPAK is on the East Coast!   Welcome McDonald’s Fredericton to the BINPAK family! McDonald’s Fredericton had only recently switched their service from hand-loading the truck to front-load service but still thought there was a better way.  Then installed a BINPAK Compactor and saw their pickup frequency reduce from 5-days per week to just twice per […]

Kettleman’s Bagel Company Loves BINPAK Compactors!

“As the owner of a busy establishment, I never put a lot of thought into my environmental services.  Then on a trip to the US for a restaurant trade show – I came across the BINPAK Compactors booth.  What an education!  I had never really thought about improving my waste and recycling area but I […]

Creative BINPAK Compactor Placement

Creative BINPAK Compactor Placement Works for Save-On Foods This independent grocer in BC has a unique BinPak Compactor installation. The BinPak is loaded from inside the warehouse and using a pallet-jack, the BinPak is moved to the loading door where the front-load truck simply picks it up. Pretty cool!!  This placement has worked so well […]

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