BINPAK Scores with the Meridian Centre!!

BINPAK Scores with the Meridian Centre!!

“By using the BinPak compactors we were able to gain a tremendous amount of space previously reserved for the traditional style compactor, without sacrificing any capabilities. The added bonus was the reduced costs. After seeing the units weather all four Canadian seasons it was apparent that they are ideal for our venue. Additionally being lockable and sealed they helped us maintain a very clean and sanitary environment. Anytime there has been a concern of mine or anyone on our staff, the Service technicians and the Office staff at MWP have been outstanding to deal with. We are very happy to have a partnership with MWP and look forward to the next wave of innovation from them.”

Dave Saldanha | Director of Operations | Meridian Centre

Merdian Centre BINPAKs 062116


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