BinPak® Compactor Walkaround

Welcome to an exclusive peek inside the workings of the BinPak® compactor. See the corresponding tabs below to reveal features and benefits of our BinPak® system.

Note: BinPak® main photo is shown with the ram in the compaction position for illustrative purposes only.

Binpak walkaround3
1. Ease of Use & Safety

Ease Of Use And Safety

BinPak® operates only when the load door is closed during compaction. The load  door is mechanically latched and cannot be opened until BinPak® has fully cycled and is ready to be reloaded.

To prevent unauthorized use, the load door can be locked. This self-contained design means that you won’t find hydraulic oil around the BinPak®, which eliminates a slip hazard and environmental concern.

Fewer service collections are required than with a standard front-load bin, which enhances overall site safety for employees and customers alike.

2. Easy To Operate
Optional keypad lock shown

Easy To Operate

Simple one touch operation

Open the load door, fill the load cavity, close the door and press the start button.  By the time you are ready to fill again, BinPak® is ready to go.

BinPak® requires minimal employee training and the pre-start certification means it’s ready to use as soon as it is electrically connected.

Because it is so easy to use, it is used often, so unsightly garbage does not pile up.

3. A Good Neighbour
With Binpak® in use

A Good Neighbour

The BinPak’s innovative lid and door seal design prevents rodents, insects (bees and wasps) and birds from entering, while ensuring odours and liquids remain contained within.

BinPak’s attractive appearance means that unsightly waste is never seen.

The enclosed and lockable design ensures that items cannot fall out or blow around, and prevents illegal dumping and unauthorized use.

Due to its high compaction ratio, the compacted material dumps cleanly into a truck.

With more than double the compaction ratio to anything else on the market, fewer collection services are required; which means fewer business interruptions; minimizing associated noise and enhancing site safety.

4. Low Load Height

Low Load Height

The low 24 in (60 cm) load height is ergonomically positioned to reduce the potential for injuries when loading, compared to the high loading height of a standard 6 yard front-load bin.

The heavy duty load door can be padlocked and is easy to open, even in cold weather while wearing gloves.

Rounded edges in the load cavity minimizes the chances of a garbage bag snagging and rupturing.

5. Convenience
Rear fill model with a left-hand swing door shown


BinPak® installs anywhere a standard 6 yard front-load bin can be located, inside or outside an enclosure or garage.

Utilizing common front load (or front-end) collection services saves money and increases flexibility for both owners and haulers.

Two different configurations of BinPak® are available to accommodate the unique requirements of each location, thus maximizes ease of use for both employees and haulers.

  • Load door can be located in the front or back of the BinPak® compactor.
6. Easy Installation

Easy Installation

BinPak® is easily relocated and serviced.

  • No support frame to bolt down and no concrete pads need to be poured as is required with a vertical compactor.
  • BinPak® eliminates the trouble of removing and placing an open top bin under a vertical compactor frame, saving time and money.
  • Compared to in-ground designs, BinPak® does not require a hole to be excavated.

With BinPak® there is no concern with the location of existing underground services, there is no ongoing maintenance of the hole, and associated costs with the requirements of a specialized pickup service are non-existent.

All moving pin joints are maintenance free for long trouble-free use and positioned above any corrosive liquids.

The electrical panel swings out for easy service and the power pack is removable as a complete unit if required, minimizing downtime.

Operates on readily available single phase 200 to 250 VAC power source (same plug as your stove at home!).

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